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Video Marketing


Livestream Done-For-You

Did you know that Live Video performs 10 TIMES better than prerecorded video?

Are you terrified of being on camera but KNOW that you need to Go Live?!

Let us do it for you! We go live EVERY WEEK to generate leads. And now… you can have us Go Live for YOUR business! This is your opportunity to leverage our talent and have Livestream Done-For-You. This is your opportunity to have Crystal actually BE your spokesperson on camera telling the good news about your business.

The best news is that it’s SO affordable compared to traditional (think: old school) prerecorded video marketing. You remember that, right? …you paid thousands for that 30-second promo that now sits on your website doing nothing… remember?  Maybe you haven’t fallen for that trap yet, but if not, then count yourself among the lucky ones.

"Crystal Lindsey & 333 are the most phenomenal social media people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They have far exceeded my expectation at every turn and advanced my company's presence in a very short period of time. There is no other team I would recommend for increasing the visibility and status of your company online."

Rick Pendleton
Owner, Artisan Home Resorts

Livestream Done-For-You

We will Livestream on your behalf and interview the people that matter most to your business for pennies on the dollar compared to prerecorded video!  …and did I mention that what we do for you is 10 TIMES more effective for marketing than the more expensive prerecorded videos?

This is an end to all of the stress you’ve been feeling.  This is what will allow you to market your business in the most effective way possible with the least amount of effort.  You will feel NO STRESS & NO ANXIETY because you won’t have the pressure of getting in front of the camera!

Let us do it for you.  This is how you raise the bar on your marketing and lower your blood pressure at the same time.  This is your opportunity.

This your opportunity to have Crystal as your Guide and your Spokesperson.

BUY NOW - $595

Essential Video Marketing



  • An Amazing Video Asset
  • A Video Marketing Strategy
  • Future Video Topic Development
  • Myth Busting For Lead Capture
  • Option To Interview A Strategic Partner
  • Retain Your Saved Audience
  • $50.00 Promotional Boost Included!

Gold Video Upgrade



  • Essential Video Marketing


  • Production Calendar
  • Repurpose Video To LinkedIn Blog
  • Repurpose Video To YouTube
  • SEO YouTube Title
  • SEO YouTube Description
  • Export LinkedIn, Gmail, & Outlook Contacts
  • $75.00 Promotional Boost Included!

Platinum Video Upgrade



  • Essential Video Marketing
  • Gold Video Upgrade


  • Branded Slide Creation
  • Repurpose To A Blog Post
  • Repurpose Videos To Email
  • Create A Chatbot For Comments
  • Create Backlinks To All Social Media Channels & Calls-To-Action
  • Export Your Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook Contacts
  • $100.00 Promotional Boost Included!

"Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to Crystal Lindsey at 333 Social Media! […] if you want to go far, strive, and be a leader, this is the right woman! [...] If you want to make your mark on this world through the work you do: Crystal will give you all of her expertise, knowledge, and a smile while holding your hand like a REAL PARTNER should."

Emily Wyant
Owner, Bond Hair Bar

Sales Funnel Creation

  • Lead Magnet Creation

We will work with you directly to create a CUSTOM ASSET that you can use as a FREE Lead Magnet.  Depending on what is the best fit for your business, this could come in the form of downloadable checklist, white paper, or training asset.

  • Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign

We will create a custom Facebook Ad, using your repurposed live stream video.  We will direct the ad towards a custom audience based on the people who already know, like, & trust your brand, AND to a cold audience that fits the demographics of your Ideal Client.

  • Landing Page

We will create a custom landing page, made specifically for your offer, to capture all of the leads brought in from your successful Facebook Ad.

ALL for ONLY $1995 


Onsite Director Video Shoot

This comprehensive package will take you from zero to Video Pro Hero in no time!  The 333 Social Media team will come to your location* and perform a 3 hour professional video shoot to promote your organization.  We will create your customized production calendar to grow your audience with consistent, reliable content throughout the year.  We will show you the best time & place to post your video content and how to maximize your results.  We will do “simple video” editing to make sure you look great and we will post it all to your social channels.  We will identify key people to target and we will even give your post several likes and a comment!

Go Live Marketer is committed to your success and we will follow up on these efforts with a full 30 days of ongoing support & analytics after the video shoot.

 ALL of this for ONLY $2780

*travel expenses apply for clients outside of San Diego County


What's Included:

We will identify what your ideal clients find valuable and capture the video marketing you can use to increase appointment sets, increase reoccurring clients, and position yourself as a thought leader.

  • Monthly Goals
  • Recommended Monthly Themes for Launch & Future
  • Recommended Intros & Props for 1st (3) Seconds
  • Prospective Facebook LIVE Topics
  • Hotlist of Influencers to Tag
  • Creative Ideas to Recirculate Video Content

333 Marketer will determine how to structure your video marketing, its content inspiration, and where to post your videos in order to generate the most profits. We will also use our expertise to train you on how to engage in Live video marketing for maximum results. To ensure that our services will give your company plenty of written content to index on Google, 333 Marketer is committed to uploading your video content to YouTube in order to generate written content for blogs and social media posts.

We will schedule out all of your video content and even give your post several likes and a comment. We will identify key ways target people in the future who already know, like, and trust your brand. This will increase your click through rates for your content!

Our success is your success! We know how hard it can be to take knowledge and turn it into effective results. That’s why we are committing to have a 1-hour meeting every 2 weeks to go over your analytics and give you the support and training to fine tune and develop an even more effective social media campaign.

The Buyer Persona will help every aspect of your company's marketing and sales initiatives. The Buyer Persona focuses on identifying the specific needs & challenges of your clients and will be the guiding force to craft your month themes. We will use this to create the most effective content to cater to your ideal clients and to resonate with what they find important.

"From the first few minutes of our initial meeting we were incredibly impressed. She quickly connected with our values and our voice. She leads with value and delivers above our expectations! She has taken us from vague ideas to a well planned, thoughtful, and organized social media strategy across all platforms. Additionally she is a phenomenal person. I highly recommend 333!"

Jessica Connolly
Owner, Clay Homes SD

Social Selling Coaching Program

Learn how to create & implement highly successful social selling campaigns both quickly & effectively with a 333 Social Media signature coaching package. We realize that there simply is not enough time for us to help everyone individually, which is why we have developed our very popular 90 minute coaching package for real estate agents and entrepreneurs. This is your path to getting the social selling guidance you need at an affordable rate.

You have a chance to get the easy & effective social media tactics you need! By the time you complete this coaching program, you will have countless ways to increase your sales and referrals through social media/social selling immediately.

For ONLY $1790


Skills You Gain

The Coaching Program outlines our step-by-step process allowing you to:
  • Discover more leads and sales
  • Reduce your marketing budget without losing leads
  • Expand your reach on social media through the friends and family of current clients
  • Tap into new markets by promoting your listings/products/services in more places
  • Enhance existing relationships with your clients
  • Use the power of Analytics to garner a deeper understanding of your client demographic!
  • Earn the loyalty of your clients' future home purchases by demonstrating your value and staying 'top of mind'

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