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Academy Worksheets

Live Video Leads Using The Buyer Persona

This worksheet walks you through creating a custom buyer persona to make your marketing more targeted, efficient, and as effective as possible.

Create Case Studies That Convert

This easy-to-follow diagram outlines the proven steps for creating an amazing case study that will engage with your audience and result in more conversions.

Power of Interviewing

This helpful worksheet explains who to interview, what to prepare, how to interview, and remembering your "Why."

Look Good On Camera

This helpful worksheet explains how to look good on camera through the use of proper lighting, A/V equipment, and budgeting.

Investing in the First 3 Seconds for Lead Capture

This helpful worksheet provides the Top 10 Tips and a foolproof formula for successful Live video introductions.

Live Video Promotion Strategy

This concise worksheet demonstrates the best practices for reaching your audience, driving traffic, and getting people to show up to your Live video broadcast.

Breaking Your Fear With Live Video Affirmations

This worksheet provides positive affirmations to overcome self-doubt, create a great broadcast, feel good about how you look, and focus on today's Live video!

Create A Compelling CTA With Case Studies

This easy worksheet shows you how to pick your focus and create a compelling call-to-action (CTA) through the creation of a case study using our proven formula.

Ask These Questions To Create A Compelling Offer

This this worksheet outlines the questions to ask for more comments, shares, and to create a compelling offer.  It covers the intro, case study, and the offer.

Creating Live Video Content That Converts

This step-by-step worksheet outlines how to create content that converts by determining client needs & challenges and then applying our proven formula.

Increase Video Views To Get Seen By More People

This worksheet shows you how to get seen by more people promoting your video like a live event, starting with an engaging intro, and optimizing after broadcast.

Ten Step Worksheet For Your First Live Video

This easy-to-use worksheet makes it simple to Livestream today with confidence using our proven 10-step method for success.  Don't hesitate: Go Live Now!


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